Top Ten (four?) Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl that any book blogger can  participate in. The meme focuses on prompt that all participants make a list of 10 based off of. This week’s theme is…Libraries or Bookstores I’ve Always Wanted to Visit.

But here’s the thing. If you put a map up on a wall and throw a dart at it, I can guarantee you I want to visit the place that it lands. And if there is a library there, you can bet that I want to make a stop there. So the short answer to what bookstores/libraries do I want to go to is: all of them.

But I have four specific ones that are at the top of my list and so this TTT is Top Four Tuesday for me.

First up is the New York Public Library. I mean, look at this library. It’s gorgeous!


I have never been to New York but it is one of the destinations that is high on my list to visit and I definitely want to make a pitstop here so I can drool over admire this beautiful library.

Next up is Kinokuniya Books in Carrollton, Texas.


While I have been attempting to self-teach for ages, this past August I started taking formal classes to learn Japanese. This has been a bucket list item for literally my whole life and it feels fantastic to be going somewhere with accomplishing it. Some of my classmates told me about this bookstore in Carrollton that carries books and manga in Japanese and I need to go! I know I can buy books in Japanese online but it just isn’t the same as being able to browse them in person.

Thirdly is Alexandria, Egypt.


If I were to encounter a time machine, probably my very first destination would be to travel back 2000 years and visit the original Library at Alexandria in all its glory. Alas, as I am a few years to late for that, I would “settle” for the recently re-built version.

Finally, I would love to travel to Morocco to visit the al-Qarawiyyin Library.

morocco outsidemorocco

Opened in 859 CE by a woman (Fatima al-Fihri) as part of al-Qarawiyyin University and recently restored by another woman (Aziza Chaouni), this is quite possibly the oldest library on Earth and only in the past few years, after many heavy renovations, was opened to the public.

So not only is it in an absolutely stunning city but its history is incredibly rich. Sign. Me. Up.

So these four are the libraries that specifically are on my bucket list of travel destinations but again, I would go literally anywhere that there are books.

Where book-ish places would you like to visit?


2 thoughts on “Top Ten (four?) Tuesday

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  1. These all look gorgeous- especially the one in Morocco!!! I’m especially fond of the Bodleian Library in Oxford- it is simply beautiful, and so old!


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