A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe (The Salvage #1)

35520564On the wrong side of the law, the two women board a smuggler’s ship that will take them on a quest for fame, for riches, and for justice.

Author: Alex White
Category: Science Fiction, Fantasy
Pages: 480
Publication Date: June 26th, 2018
Podcast Review: Episode 92

Space is a pretty big place and sometimes you need a map to find the real treasures out there. Lizzie “Boots” Elsworth is a washed up treasure hunter who sells fake treasure maps for a quick buck. When she sells a fake map to an old crew of hers but Little did she know that she would soon be with that old crew again looking for the legend of a ship, The Harrow.

Nilah Brio is a famous Race care driver and when she is framed for the murder of a fellow racer ends up with boots running from people that happen to want both of their heads. What follows is a space adventure with fighting robots, magic, and the occasional snarky comment from Boots herself.

Alex White has made a universe that has just been through war. Boots’ own home planet was nuked and lost the war after suffering  years of famine. From the different worlds that are traveled to, they are all fairly generic in your space adventure book. One is a sleazy port station, another is a beautiful technology advanced world, and old ruins with booby traps. While all of these worlds are fine, there is nothing that truly stands out or is memorable about them.

Unfortunately this is true for many things in this book. Characters like Boots and Nilah are both good characters with growth. The others don’t stand out as much in any way. They do have interesting things about them, but again nothing new is brought to the table. This stands true with the plot, characters and just overall story. These things are not bad, but at the same time not great either.

One thing that does stand out is the magic system. Yep, a magic system in a sci fi book! Every person in this world is born with a glyph that is unique to each person. While many can be placed in similar categories, they are all different in slightly different ways. Nilah can access machines and can manipulate them to her bidding. The captain of the ship can create magical barriers for protection up to the size of his ship or on himself.

Boots is the odd one out in that she was born without magic. It is a extremely rare case, only 1 in 6 million are reported. While the system is not dived into or explained, it works well for this adventure. We get the basics that are necessary for this journey and it is all written well that there is little to no confusion on the magic.

A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe is a enjoyable read that does not push beyond you generic space adventure. It is not a bad book in anyway, and has some genuinely funny characters and sad moments that come out of no where. If you are looking for a good adventure book, this is the one for you.

Greg’s Thoughts

I had a really good time with this book. The chance for sequels is there and I would love to see them. As I said on our podcast for this book, this would be a fantastic movie. Where most books have a lot of details that get left out, the story is written so well that each moment has something happening to keep the reader interested. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next one.


7-liked it

Dani’s 2¢

I don’t know if this is just a case of the wrong book for me at the wrong time but it just didn’t really do it for me. The fact that this book has both magic and spaceships and space should have made it a shoe-in for an incredibly exciting read. However, the characters and the really the story itself just didn’t stand out to me at all.



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