Monstress Vol. 1


“There’s more hunger in the world than love.”

Author: Marjorie Liu
Illustrator: Sana Takeda
Category: Fantasy, Steampunk, Graphic Novel
Publication Date: July 19th, 2016

I haven’t ready any graphic novels since we read Saga for the podcast review a few months ago and this book has been sitting on my shelf for so long that with the recent release of Volume 3 it was time get to it.

And I will be finding a copy of Volume 2 very shortly.

The most absolutely stunning part of this graphic novel for me was the art. It is stunning. I mean…look at this!


This is in one of the very first pages of the book and while it had been attractive already before this page, I was absolutely blown away by the detail and artistry in this panel.

I could go on and on about this art for quite a while.

For me though, the artwork was not enough to totally immerse me into the story.

This world is living under the shadow of conflict between the human Federation and the Arcanics, a half god and half human people. While once they lived in peace, the closer the two peoples came to be, the louder another human faction got that insisted that the Arcanics were a lesser species which culminated in war between the two.

I spent a good portion of the story trying to piece together who was who and how everything was interrelated. Because of that, I was a step removed from the story while I was putting this together and didn’t really get into it until later in the book.

As for characters, while there were many of them, I am really only going to touch on two and honestly, only briefly.

Maika Halfwolf is the main character, an Arcanic whose mother was searching for an unknown artifact of extreme power. Her life has been defined by the war between the humans and Arcanics and she has lived through trauma after trauma and now is discovering that she has a link to a creature whose motives and powers are unknown to her.

Really, she came across as the loner girl with a bad attitude that honestly I felt like I had read/experienced before and I didn’t get a good sense of any personality beyond that. Maybe this is just because it is a graphic novel which I don’t read very much of and so that is why I had difficulty connecting with her and the story but there it is.


The other character I wanted to mention was Kippa. Because she is just so darn adorable! She is a child Arcanic that was being sold at auction at the beginning of the story and ends up travelling with Maika throughout this volume. Like I said, she was just so adorable that she deserved a mention

I liked just about everything about this story. But apart from the artwork and Kippa, I didn’t love anything. I will absolutely continue the series when I can get my hands on the second volume. If only to ogle the amazing artwork some more.


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