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Welcome back lovelies to this week’s Top Ten Tuesday as hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s topic is┬áPopular Books that Lived Up to the Hype. I am of course a rather contrary person and seem to not like a lot of books that get a lot of hype so this was a fun exercise for me to look back at which books I did end up liking.

Also, this one was weird for me to pin down some of these because until shortly before I started this blog, I had no concept really of what was hyped and what wasn’t so I can’t really include anything from pre-blog. So these are all books that I read post-hype and being aware of all the hype surrounding them.

Nevernight gets tons of great reviews still and they are all well-deserved. Based on the cover and the synopsis, I went into it a little worried that it would be a tad cliche but it absolutely held up to the hype.

As for Six of Crows and Illuminae, we all know that I am always hesitant when it comes to YA SFF but these series are both hugely hyped and I ended up taking a chance on them and loved both series!

I read The Glass Castle around the time the movie was announced (which I still have not seen yet) so there was a fair bit of people going on about how good it is. Honestly, I was sucked into this book.

The Martian and Red Rising were also books that I joined the hype train on. And as I am writing this I just realized that these books both take place on Mars! I think I prefer The Martian but Red Rising is also fully deserving of all the praise it gets.

Where Loyalties Lie recently won the SPFBO 2017 so I am counting that as hype! I read one or two more of the books that were in SPFBO this year and while those were great, I can totally see why this book was ranked the best.

The Poppy War might be the most hyped debut book this year so far and it is amazing! Dark and violent and not easy to read at times, this is a fantastic book that should not be missed.

Finally, Kings of the Wyld and Red Sister were also new releases last year that got tons of love and attention. I read both of them after everyone else had started gushing about them and they were absolutely both highlights of my 2017.

What books are really hyped up that you enjoyed?

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