June Wrap Up and July TBR

So I have been very much falling down on my reading for June. I fell behind on posting as much as I would like and that was in large part because I did not read as much as I usually do. I was in a little bit of a reading slump and just the start of the summer was throwing me off. But I think I have powered through it so hopefully July will be better!

LIFEL1K3 – 4/10

Tarnished City – 8/10

Treasure Island – 5/10

Neverwhere – 4/10

The Grey Bastards – 9/10 – ♦My favorite read from this month!♦

How to Stop Time – 4/10

I am currently reading both The Ikessar Falcon by K.S. Villoso and Brief Cases by Jim Butcher. It is taking me FOREVER to get through Brief Cases. It isn’t bad, I just don’t seem to have very good discipline when it comes to getting through short story collections.

My TBR for July is honestly pretty open. I am going to kind of be winging it! But I do have a few books that I definitely want to make sure to get to.

In addition to finishing those two that I am currently working through, I am also determined to get to these four!

What are you reading this month? How was your June reading? Let me know in the comments!

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