Review: Saga (Vol. 1-8)


Author: Brian K. Vaught
Illustrator: Fiona Staples
Category: Graphic Novel, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Podcast Review: Episode 77

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What some people will do for love. Alana and Marco are soldiers from opposing sides in an intergalactic war. Landfall and Wreath have been fighting for so long that no one remembers why they hate each other but the bloodshed has spread out to just about every other inhabited world and roped in all other sentient life in one way or another. While on the run they give birth to a baby that neither sides of the war want to exist because if it got out that a moony and a wings fell in love, that might give others ideas that the two sides could actually get along.

In this graphic novel series the world building is constructed beautifully with the sides of Landfall and its moon Wreath fighting a war. We never know the beginning of this war. These two sides have always hated each other simply because they are different from each other. The author and illustrator both do an amazing job of bringing these weird and worlds to us. From snowy peaks to industrial citys, the worlds are interesting and sometimes weird in a good way.

So many real world issues are in this story as well: Racism, abortion, sex, homosexuality, war. And much, much more.

The best part about this is that while they are being discussed, these issues never really call out real world events. It sticks purely to discussion of the topic that it has chosen to discuss and lets the a point stand for itself. Every single issue is woven into he story skillfully and gets us drawn in with the exciting action.

It should be mentioned that is book is set at a mature rating to the max. They deal with murder, sex (including robot sex), vulgar language, and lots and lots of violence. It adds to the realism and gives this series it’s own style and voice that feels unique.

It seemed like sometimes the creators were asking the audience “oh, does this make you uncomfortable? Too bad.” Which honestly is a really interesting way of going about discussing sexuality. Robots having sex? Okay. A human and a spider alien? Not sure how that works but cool. A dragon orally pleasuring itself? Uuhh….. The point being that just because something makes you uncomfortable does not inherently make it wrong.

The series was a fun read and though there are only 8 volumes out right now we are looking forward to the rest and end of this story.

Dani’s 2¢

I am absolutely eager for the rest of this story. There are so many threads and plotlines that I want to see what they build up to.

Also, I need me a Lying Cat.



9-loved it!

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