March Wrap-Up

It’s that time again! March wrap-up! I feel like I read a little bit less this month than I did in February. Mostly that is attributed to some really great video games coming out this month that totally had me distracted (I am looking at you, Sea of Thieves…). Still, I managed to finish 9 books!

I started A Time of Dread and The Girls in the Picture in February but finished them in March. I enjoyed A Time a Dread about as much as I did John Gwynne’s first series; that is to say, I liked it but didn’t love it like many other people seem to.

We also got to read The Court of Broken Knives this month and really loved it! While it had many of the same elements that other fantasy books have, the prose was so different that it brought something wholly new to the genre.

I was incredibly excited to read Arm of the Sphinx! I should have read this last year after reading Senlin Ascends but as I couldn’t get a physical copy until the Orbit release this month, I waited. And now I have wait for The Hod King and I don’t want to.

Obsidio came out the same day as Arm of the Sphinx so that made that week really interesting as I tried to juggle both books that I was really looking forward to! In short, Obsidio was a great ending to The Illuminae Files, even if I thought the very end was a little bit too much sunshine and rainbows compared to other things that happened throughout the series.

On the Book Geeks Uncompromised podcast, we also had the opportunity to interview author James Maxwell. I read the first book in his Shifting Tides series, Golden Age. This was an interesting fantasy series in an Ancient Greek-esque setting. I liked a lot of the world and the descriptions of some of the cities were beautiful.

The last book that I finished was Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb. I originally read this about 10 years ago but several of my Goodreads friends have been reading it so I needed to do a re-read. I also never read any of Robin Hobb’s other books so I figured this was a good place to start!

I just finished¬†Ready Player One¬†today. I have mentioned before that I started this before and DNF’d about 10% in but with the movie coming out and seeing how much everyone raves about it, we are giving it another shot for review on the podcast. I did like it more the further I got in but I still have problems with it. I am looking forward to the movie because I think some of the scenes will translate beautifully and I am hoping that maybe some of the things that I wasn’t crazy about will be smoothed out in the adaptation. Check out the podcast next Monday for a full review!

For a non-fiction read, I also read The Geek Feminist Revolution by Kameron Hurley. I felt like it got a little bit side-tracked at times and was a little bit of a “read my books!” by the author but, seeing as this was her book, I guess that is somewhat to be expected. I loved the overall messages though and do recommend this to anyone that wants a deeper look at feminism and its history in geek and nerd culture.

Well that was what my month looked like! I am putting together my April TBR still but I am really looking forward to it! Going to do another buddy read on a classic and Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence comes out in a few days so that is enough to have me eager!

What all did you read in March? Let me know below!

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  1. I saw Ready Player One last night!! I won’t say anything because I know some people are picky about how much they hear before they see it, but you can check out my spoiler free review on my blog! I am glad you were able to finish it and sorta liked it, ish! I hope you like the movie :D

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