Obsidio (The Illuminae Files #3)

24909347“You know better than anyone what I am. Every story needs its monster, Kady. But this story will end soon.”

Author: Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
Category: YA, Science Fiction
Pages: 615
Series: The Illuminae Files #3
Publication Date: March 13th, 2018

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Check here for the podcast discussion over the entire series (spoiler free)!

After months of grueling space travel aboard a damaged ship, the survivors aboard the Hypatia have finally made it to Heimdall waystation. Only to find not the salvation they were looking for but survivors of another part of BeiTech’s attack. Their only hope now is to return Kerenza IV, the place it all began, and hope that there is something there that will allow them to save themselves.

This was an amazing, emotional roller coaster of a book. The star of this whole show has got to be the AI that lost his mind, AIDAN.

“I am not good.
Nor am I evil.
I am no hero.
Nor am I villain…

AIDAN is creepy, weird, awkward, and dark. Ultimately, he wants what he is programmed to do: to see that the fleet survives. But the things that he does to that end are horrible…but it is difficult to argue the necessity of his choices. A point which he brings up many times: he will be evil so that others do not have to be.

Honestly, probably the only thing that we particularly were not crazy about with this book was that the ending was not quite as bittersweet as the tone of the rest of the series would indicate. It was a little bit too much sunshine and rainbows. It sounds a little weird to be advocating for more character death but the distinct lack of it combined with some of the fake-outs in the series just didn’t mesh well with some of the things that did happen. It was a little too neat for the characters.

Being a YA fantasy series, there are kids 17-20 years old that end up in leadership positions among adults which is kind of a trope-y thing for the genre. That said, it was something that was addressed and even became a point of conflict in the story. Several of the adults that were not familiar with Kady G. and Gang were very not happy with being bossed around by a bunch of kids and this was something that had to be resolved, albeit a little messily.

Dani’s 2¢

I especially appreciated that the age of the characters was something that was not just supposed to be accepted by the reader. It was questioned by the characters and therefore as a reader I was able to better accept their position as well.

I have said before that I absolutely love this epistolary mode of storytelling. I loved the chat logs, the journal entries, the hand-drawn comics, the transcriptions. The sparse-ness of some of the details and focus on the characters seems to really draw me in and immerse me even more in the story that’s being told.

Though I do wish the end had been more emotional to match the rest of the story, I absolutely loved the series and I think that this is probably my favorite of the series.


9-loved it!

Greg’s Thoughts

This was another great ending to another great sci-fi series. I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this series. The way the story was told, the characters, and just AIDEN! He is a character i should dislike for the choices he makes. But even when he did some terrible thigns, I still felt for him and was routing for him.

This form of storytelling does not need to be used all the time. Bit this time it was done so well that in hope to see more from these authors. Like we said above, the ending was a little to beat but overall I loved this book, and this series.


9-loved it!

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