Top Books of 2017

Wow, I was really not expecting narrowing down this list to be so painful. So. Many. Good. Books.

So these are the top books that we read in 2017. Some were published this year, others in previous years. These are NOT listed in favorite to least favorite or anything like that because after the pain of taking some books off this list, I just did not have it in me to rank them. The links on the titles are to our review of that book.

Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

25895524After reading the first two Broken Empire books and hating Jorg Ancrath so much that we wanted to throw the book just not being super into it, we decided to give Red Sister a try. I liked Lawrence’s writing style in the Broken Empire but just could not get past the MC so I was eager to try out something in a different setting from him. And boy oh boy did it pay off!




Sapphire’s Flight by K.S. Villoso

33358635Sapphire’s Flight is the third book in The Agartes Epilogues. I read the whole trilogy in 2017 but Sapphire’s Flight was my favorite of the three. The world-building and the story asked that you pay attention to details from the first page and, while I certainly enjoyed the first two books, Sapphire’s Flight brought it all together perfectly.

There is a sequel series coming out in 2018 as well!



Skin Game by Jim Butcher

19486421This kind of is representative of The Dresden Files as a whole. We have been reading them for over a year, over half of them in 2017, and if you can’t count a series that you stuck with for fifteen books a favorite, then what were you doing for fifteen books?

Seriously though, the series started out a little shaky as Butcher was a new author but the series has grown on us. A lot.



Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

23395680We might kind of have a thing for sci-fi books written in documentary format.

Although YA is typically not our thing, we are addicted to this series about evil corporations, space zombies, and a psychotic AI system.




Waking Gods by Sylvain Neuvel

30134847Just to further showcase our love for sci fi books written in documentary style…

I mean seriously though, what’s not to love?

Giant robots, aliens that made decisions that impacted Earth forever ago, snarky anonymous protaganists…

The first book hooked us last year and Waking Gods absolutely lived up to its predecessor.


Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft

17554595I read this book in August and since then I have had to actively stop myself from gushing about it to anyone I meet that even casually mentions an interest in books. And I can’t even fully describe why I loved it so much.

A fairly simple plot of a man searching for his wife that went missing on their honeymoon to the Tower of Babel, this story is adventurous, thoughtful, beautiful, and remarkably imaginative.

100% Dani’s favorite book of the year.


The Shadow of What Was Lost by James Islington

22878967James Islington cites both Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson as inspirations for his debut series and it shows. This is the first book in The Licanius Trilogy and it celebrates everything that we love about the epic fantasy genre. Tropes abound in this series but they are well written and just make me love the genre all over again.




Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames

30841984Orbit came out with some pretty great debuts this year but our favorite of them was this tale of a has-been mercenary group getting back together for one last adventure.

Full of humor and references to music and pop culture, there is a reason that so many people raved about this book thisĀ  year.

Greg’s pick for Favorite of 2017.



Lost Boy by Christina Henry

35224165We haven’t read very many Peter Pan retellings so it may be our lack of experience with them that made this book stand out so much to us but I loved every minute of it.

Told from the perspective of the boy who would become Captain Hook, this book takes a dark spin on the origins of Peter Pan and Hook’s friendship. This book took the theme of the original story about the importance of growing up to another level.

Seriously, sitting here thinking about how to describe this book, I kind of want to re-read it.

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

25489134This fantastic book is a retelling of Russian folklore. Although folklore and books based on “real” mythology isn’t usually something we go out and look for, we were sucked into this book from the start. The sequel, The Girl in the Tower, is out now and it breaks my heart that I haven’t read it yet.




Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

34002132I mean, was there ever a chance that this list was not going to include Oathbringer?

No. No, there wasn’t.

The third book in The Stormlight Archive was a release that we were eager for all year and it exactly played up to our expectations.



What were your favorites for 2017? Any books that you think we need to get to ASAP in 2018? Let us know!

5 thoughts on “Top Books of 2017

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  1. I’m a big fan of Dresden, though I’m afraid we won’t get any more from him. It’s just been so long. I loved Oathbringer as well, though I respectfully think WoR is still the standard-bearer. I’m not done reading yet, but I’ll post my top three for 2017 in January.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I would agree that WoR was a little better than Oathbringer but still a great read.

      Isn’t there another short story collection coming out in The Dresden Files next year? Not as good as a new book but still shows that he is still writing in that world. I refuse to give up hope!

      Liked by 1 person

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