Cold Days (The Dresden Files #14)

12216302“I had preparations to make. There was a storm coming in.”

Author: Jim Butcher
Category: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 614
Series: The Dresden Files #14

At 14 books into a series, I am running out of things to say about each individual book so this is likely to be a shorter review.

Unlike the earlier parts of the series, a lot has happened in an overall story-arc kind of way since book 12. Harry has lost a lot and gained power that he didn’t want and has trouble controlling. In Ghost Story, it seemed like these changes would shake up the format of the books. It has a little bit but it still seems like each book follows a general pattern of Harry being assigned some task (i.e. chase down a killer), Harry beginning this task only to have someone attempt to kill him, Harry discovering that the depth of the mystery is about a gazillion time worse than he thought, someone tries to kill Harry again, rinse and repeat until Harry solves the mystery.

This format has been shaken up somewhat but only in that Harry has fewer automatic resources to call on and everything is harder. This actually kind of works out because the books were getting pretty dang repetitive and, while they still are somewhat, the new challenges in the same setup does make for a more interesting read.

There is a lot of hinting in this book that Harry and Molly will be a romantic item at some point. When this was first suggested many books ago, this was creepy. Now that their relationship has started to shift from that of master and apprentice to something mroe like peers, it is less so. Still. IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE HARRY AND KARRIN HAPPY FOR ONCE, DANGIT!!

Dani’s 2¢

Not much more to say really. I do find that I am enjoying this later part of the series. Ever since Changes, I find myself more invested in the story of each book. Just one left!


8-really liked it

Greg’s Thoughts

We are finally catching up to the end of this series and I must say it has been fun. While this book is different from earlier Dresden novels, it is still formulaic in the plot. This is not a bad thing in its entirety. These books are known for that. But after fourteen books, it can feel like the same plot told a different way.

I love this series and it’s characters. Harry Dresden is a fantastic complicated character that is not evil but he doesn’t follow orders if it hurts someone. In the terms of D&D (which is my current obsession) he is a chaotic good. A good man but definitely does not follow order.

This has quickly turned into a talk about the while series and I want to save that for when we do have a podcast about what we have read. So Cold Days is a fine entry, if not still predictable in plot.


7-liked it

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  1. Thanks for this review, which I’ve enjoyed reading a lot. I agree that the novels tend to follow a certain formula, but in my opinion they still differ enough from one another to remain tremendously entertaining.

    @Greg: Funny that you should mention D&D, ‘chaotic good’ describes Harry’s outlook pretty well, I think. But in my mind, I see him more as a Fate character, what with Fate’s aspects and compels and all that. (Which, by the way, would serve to explain the structure of the books a little bit, which always seem to see Harry get his behind kicked for a large part of the book, just for him to rock the house at the end. Of course – if Harry is a Fate character, he needs to get his aspects compelled for most of the book in order to collect Fate Points, which he then can use to boost his rolls in the showdown. At least that’s how like to rationalize it. :D)


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