Godblind (The Godblind Trilogy #1)

32072924“The Red Gods are coming. Gilgoras will soak up gore and comit black smoke. Her forests will burn. Mountains will fall and rise; kingdoms will crumble. Rilpor will die. Fox and Wolf stand in the way…Lost. All lost.”

Author: Anna Stephens
Category: Grimdark, High Fantasy
Pages: 384
Series: The Godblind Trilogy

Absolutely make sure to check out this week’s podcast where we got the chance to sit down and talk to Anna Stephens herself!

For a thousand years the Mireces and their Red Gods have been contained behind a veil that separates them and their bloodthirsty ways from the rest of the world. Now that veil is weakening and the new king of Mireces is taking that opportunity to tear it down for good and invade the land of the Gods of Light.

Probably the thing that I liked the most about Godblind was not really knowing who to trust.


At its most basic levels this is a story of good versus evil. One side worships gods that are aloof but benevolent and the other side worships gods that require lots of blood and torture. Seems pretty clear cut here which are the bad guys and which are the good guys.

But while there were some characters that fell pretty clearly in the “bad guys” column, there were others that I just could not figure out which side of the conflict they would land on. I enjoyed this keeping the reader on their toes as I would come to a conclusion about a character and then later be given information that made me doubt that very conclusion.

The thing that really drives the rating down for me is that it seemed kind of rushed for the first half.

First, each chapter shifts perspectives and each chapter is only a few pages long. This shifting from POV to POV every few pages pulled me out of the story somewhat. I would just be starting to really get into one character about the time that the chapter would end.

Because of these short chapters, I feel like the characterizations were not as deep as they could have been. There is are a few romantic relationships and while I liked both of them, one I felt was a little forced and the other I didn’t feel like I was immersed enough in either character to feel the emotions that led to them getting together.

Because of how much other reviews had somewhat forewarned me about the level of brutality in this book, I actually went into it expected almost Sweeney Todd levels of blood spurting about everywhere (the Johnny Depp movie, not the stage performance). It wasn’t quite as bad as all that, though there were some pretty graphic and cringe-worthy scenes. I guess because I had some warning though it really didn’t strike me as being over the top. The levels of violence I felt were fitting for the characters and the story.

Books with a big cast are usually a plus for me because I like all the different possibilities with the story that having a large cast has. I find it impressive when an author can move so many pieces of a story around in synchronicity and I think that was the case here. I do look forward to seeing more ways for these characters to interact in the future as I do want to spend more time with them and watch them and the world of Rilpor develop more.


6-it was good


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