All These Worlds (Bobiverse #3)

35506021Being a sentient spaceship really should be more fun.

Author: Dennis E. Taylor
Category: Science Fiction
Pages: 260
Publication Date: August 8th, 2017

The Others are coming. The Bobs must do what they can to stop this alien race from devouring their friends and destroying everything they have helped to build in the universe. What started as a epic adventure exploring space for humanity is now a battle for survival.

The first Bobiverse book was exciting and took a new look into the sci-fi genre. Bob and his clones were funny and looked at problems in very interesting ways. Unfortunately, as the last book in this series, this one fails to deliver fully on what it started out on. The individual stories for each of the Bob’s are great in their own way. The problem is that it feels more like a collection of short stories versus having a overall, intertwining plot. There is an overall plot, but most of the book is centered around these isolated situations.

It just feels like by the time this book came around, the story had built up too much for the size of the books. For all of the various plotlines to really get their fair share of storytime and end the series this book would have had to be a behemoth rather than the 260 page event that it is.

Honestly, each and every one of these stories could probably fill a book all on its own. They are all interesting stories with their various dynamics and things going on. But there are about 6 of these different stories going on and they all feel rushed to varying degrees due to the time and length constraints.

Greg’s Thoughts

Wish I had more to say on this but all I can say is that this series was enjoyable. While I admit there was an overall plot, it felt like it took a back seat to the individual stories. If that what you are looking for then this will work for you. I personally would have enjoyed a better overall plot and less of the split up that was there. Overall, I did have fun with this cool sci-fi twist.


6-it was good

Dani’s 2ยข

I just got really bored with this book. I really enjoyed the first two and was looking forward to this finale but unfortunately I just could not get into it. I really enjoyed the concept of these books and their approach to space exploration and the replicants so my rating for the series overall is much higher but this book alone…



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