Red Sister (The Ancestor #1)

25895524I was born for killing – the gods made me to ruin.

Author: Mark Lawrence
Category: High Fantasy
Pages: 469
Publication Date: April 4th, 2017

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In Red Sister, Mark Lawrence brings us to a world where nuns are badass ninjas! And they have a school where they train in fighting, poison, and even magic. And the sun is dying so half the world is turning into ice, except for small strip of land across the equator. And there are children being sold to become fighters… wait that’s not a positive point… anyways does this world sound mashed up mess to you? Well it’s not a mess, it’s awesome!

We follow the life of Nona as she goes from being sold/forced out by her village home, to prison, and then training at Sweet Mercy convent. Nona is not your typical main character. She lies to her friends about where she is from so many times you are left wondering what actually has happened to her until almost right at the end. She is quiet and reserved, especially at the beginning of the book, and has definite ideas of friendship and loyalty that clash sometimes with her fellow classmates opinion of the same.

Each if the other characters in this book are all fleshed out really well. Something that almost notably absent from this story was any love interest or love stories. There were some suggestions of crushes but the story did not rely at all on a romance to hook and keep the reader in.

The action was fun, the world was interesting, and if you like just a dab of sci-fi in your fantasy, then go check out this one asap.

Greg’s Thoughts

I put just about everything I felt about this book in the paragraphs enough, but I have to say I was worried from Prince of Thorns that Lawrence could not write a good guy very well. I was pleasantly surprised. I have a great time with this one.


8-really liked it

Dani’s 2¢

Although they are different stories in different universes, I can’t help but to compare this series to The Broken Empire.

All the things that I didn’t like about that series have done a 180 almost in this one.

Firstly, it is dark but not nearly as fucked up. Nona is a complex, sullen character but not so filled with hate as Jorg. It is much easier to get behind her and root for her whereas I always kind of just wanted Jorg to fall off a cliff.

Also, where there were pretty much no female characters of note in the prior series, Red Sister is almost nothing but amazing female characters. I really like this because I worried how this author would do with writing female personalities due to their distinct absence before this.

In short, I loved this book and am so excited about reading the next one.


9-loved it!

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