The Dark Prophecy (The Trials of Apollo #2)

30145666“That’s when he was run over by a herd of armored ostriches.”

Author: Rick Riordan
Category: YA, Adventure

Pages: 432
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2017

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This book is kind of difficult to talk about because it’s not particularly bad but it’s also just not really that good.

Reading from Apollo’s perspective is a novelty that carried The Hidden Oracle. While he is different than the heroes in the last two series, that novelty is wearing off quickly. The reason for this might be simply that, being a god, Apollo is difficult to relate to. His motivations are understandable but it difficult to connect with him.

Because of this, Apollo’s point of view can get tiresome to read. A story from his point of view might have been better if told over a standalone book rather than a full five book series.

Being twelve books into Greek history, it is starting to seem like Riordan is running out of gods and figures and it kind of feels like we are reaching deep down into obscurity to fill in this book.

The best thing that can be said for this book and the series so far is Apollo’s relationship with Meg, the demi-god that Apollo’s mortal life is currently tied to. Their relationship being one that is not romantic brings a little bit different dynamic to the story as opposed to the past two series which focused a little more on romance and the multiple relationships.

Dani’s 2¢

I have to jump off the Rick Riordan train now. I think if we had gotten an Apollo story rather than The Heroes of Olympus series I think I would have been able to get into this a little more but as it is I am just so burnt out on the whole thing that I can’t bring myself to really enjoy this story anymore.



Greg’s Thoughts

I cannot put into words how sad I am that I am moving on from my childhood. This was an author that I thought was fantastic and for the original Percy Jackson series; I feel that still holds true. This was a stretch that just feels like Riordan is trying to continue a story that should have ended long ago. For younger readers, you may still love and enjoy this book. For me the adult, I have to say good bye to Rick Riordan.


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