King of Thorns (The Broken Empire #2)

12891107“And there it is. Proof if proof were needed, that though god may mold the clay and fashion some of us hail, some strong, some beautiful, inside we make ourselves. From foolish things, breakable, fragile things. The thorns. That dog. The thought that Katherine might make me better than I am.”

Author: Mark Lawrence
Category: High Fantasy, Grimdark
Pages: 449
Publication Date: August 7th, 2012

Here we are back with our Jorg Ancrath, the teenager that lives for blood and murder. Well not exactly, but it’s really not too far from the truth. Jorg is back along with his his small goal of ruling the kingdom and getting revenge. This time with some much needed points of view from other characters.

This book, by many, has been said to be the best one in this trilogy. It seemed sometimes like the main goal in this book was to demonstrate that even the cruelest of people can be complex characters and not be all about blood and gore. We see how indeed more of what and why he is going through.

The best way we can describe this trilogy is that it is like an abusive ex. The first book was the terrible relationship where he was a dick to you. Then you broke up and the second book is him promising that he will be better, be kinder. And there are enough changes that you kind of get sucked into believing him and have to force yourself to remember all of the bad things he did but he has changed just enough to fool you into thinking he has changed for good.  Turn that weird analogy into book form and that about sums it up for us.

Greg’s Thoughts

I was jaded by the first book and that clouded how I feel a bought this one. I was bored and I dot care for the main characters being evil.

No thanks for me!


2-donate it

Dani’s 2¢

My rating for this book is more objective than probably most of my other ratings are. Despite my personal feelings on this book, I can’t deny that it is well done and likely enjoyable by a great many people that are not me.

See, this book has me all kinds of conflicted (see above ex-boyfriend metaphor). On one hand, I just really hate Jorg Ancrath. Reading these books, I am actively rooting against him because he is such a shitty. On the other hand, I’m supposed to. Jorg is not intended to be the hero of this story; he is the villian. I’ve always thought it would be great to read a book from a villian’s point of view and this is it!

I think that part of my problem with this story is that Jorg’s character is not balanced out by anything. It gets tiring listening to Jorg’s broodiness and quasi-philosophical inner monologues. There are Katherine’s journal entries and I think that Katherine was supposed to be this character to balance out Jorg but she is simply not present enough in the story to really accomplish it. Her relationship with Jorg, their chemistry, and his obsession with her just isn’t real enough to do anything for me. It would take a much stronger female heroine to do this, someone that has been through hell in the same way that Jorg has but come out a much stronger person for it like he came out a much darker, crueler person for it.

I also struggled with this book some because at times I did start to like Jorg a little bit because his character absolutely saw some growth. But does that growth mean that the reader should forgive him for the things that he did in the first book?

I think I will read the last book because being two-thirds through a series I think I pretty much am obliged to. This series though so far has be in the odd position of being willing to recommend a book that I myself was not terribly crazy about.


6-it was good

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