Blood Rites (The Dresden Files #6)

99383“I have a life, man. And my life isn’t all about feuding demigods and nations at war and solving a mystery before it kills me.”

Thomas lifted an eyebrow. “It’s also about mold demons and flaming monkey poo?”

“What can I say? I put the ‘ick in ‘magic.'”

Author: Jim Butcher
Category: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Pages: 372
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2004

Finally see Jim butcher hits his stride! Blood Rites is a fantastic book that brings out all of the best part of this series. The humor is better (and more frequent), story was more interesting, and the writing was better. To clarify, the earlier books are not bad, but you can see the finer details and effort that Jim Butcher puts into this book.

The Dresden Files do seem to have a formula to them. Harry is still recovering from the events of the last book. He has girl troubles. And now someone needs his help. This book follows this but it does it very well. Just when you think we couldn’t know more about the vampires, we get to see so much more. Without spoilers, it is a interesting tale that we can’t recommend enough.

Greg’s Thoughts

This series has  been fun, but this one is the one that has locked me in. The vampires, the fighting, and the humor! Oh man, if a book wants to grab hold of my attention then it needs two things: awesome story and good humor.


9-loved it!

Dani’s 2¢

I have worked hard to stay patient with this series. I know these early books were the first published works that Butcher had to his name and I knew that I really like his other work (Codex Alera is probably in my top 5 favorite series) so I powered through the earlier books in hopes that the things that I love about his writing would shine through.

The differences between this book and the first 5 are subtle. The relationships between Harry and the other characters in this book evolve and seem more tightly written (namely his relationship with Murphy and with Ebenezar). The wit and humor in this book was more abundant than in previous books. The mystery that the book revolves around is more engaging.

It finally seems my patience has begun to pay off.


8-really liked it

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