Late Bite (Toronto Chronicles #1)

22035362“What would happen if a real vampire were captured in Toronto. In Canada he wouldn’t be decapitated or have a stake driven through his heart. He would receive benefit of the law.”

Author: John Matsui
Category: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 229
Publication Date: September 20th, 2014

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I’m not actually sure exactly what my issue with this book was. I started out pretty into it but I think it was a case of misplaced expectations. See, I went into this expecting a quirky story about how vampires are discovered to be real and the off-the-wall, ridiculous reactions of the public. Those were reactions were there but they weren’t the main focus of the book and what was there was pretty much exactly what you would expect. The discovery that vampires are really creates an internet sensation. Some people want to burn him at the stake, some can’t wait another minute for Mangorian to drink their blood.

Probably a little over 50% of the book is a courtroom drama detailing how Hamblyn basically achieved human rights for the world’s only known vampire. I actually really liked this idea of detailing the legalese regarding how the discovery of vampires or other supernatural phenomena would be dealt with from a legal standpoint as most books that include vampires in modern day either jump ahead where they already have rights or takes place in a world where they are unknown to the public. I do wish it hadn’t taken up quite so much of the book though. That could just be because I’m not one to generally enjoy court dramas.

The other 50% contained more action, getting downright into horror at one point as 5 years after Dragul is acquitted of assault on 9 humans that had donated blood to him people begin disappearing and dying gruesomely. There is not really anything wrong with this, I actually felt that the action scenes were well done. Like I said though, I was expecting a story that was more tongue-in-cheek, more quirky, so the dip into horror just felt off to me.

I do think characterization could use some work. I wanted to like Hamblyn and Mangorian but they kept coming across as flat. I kind of liked Hamblyn in the beginning on the book but ultimately kind of hated him as after the trial began and he making big, big bucks he just seemed really shallow. Mangorian was a little better but the ending kind of left me confused on his character.

Long story short, I think I just was not the right person for this book.



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