The Blood Mirror (The Lightbringer #4)

17570538Author: Brent Weeks
Category: Epic Fantasy
Pages: 682
Publication Date: October 25th, 2016

If there was one word that had to describe this book, it would have to be “full.” Full of heart-rending scenes and full of freakin’ plot twists! From Teia, to Andross, to Ironfist, to Corvan Danavis. So many characters went through so much within this book.

This was the best book in the Lightbringer series thus far. The first book, The Black Prism, always seemed like it was different than the second and third books. The style and the plot of those books slowed way, way down. Now it can be said that there was a reason for this: there was a lot of setup needed to get ready for book 4.

And that time taken to set up was, without a doubt, worth it.

It is always wonderful when an author is able to change your mind about a character. George R.R. Martin is notorious in A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones) for developing a character through the eyes of others that makes it easy to not like that person; their negative qualities are highlighted by their interactions with others. Then he will start having POV chapters for that person and now the reader is able to understand that character, where they come from, why they do what they do and it (in most cases **cough**Cersei**cough**) leads to that person being more likable.

Brent Weeks managed to accomplish a similar feat with Tisis Malargos. Kip’s new bride, in this book. From her relationship with Andross Guile in the previous books, it is easy to see her as a slutty, air-headed trophy wife that can’t seem to get things right. At least in regards to that last part, her and Kip kind of have something in common. Seeing her with Kip and coming to understand her better did a lot for this character.

I applaud an author that is able to draw a character one way and then seamlessly show that there is so much more to them than what the reader has come to understand about them. Karris’s character is receiving a similar treatment.

In The Black Prism and The Blinding Knife, Karris White Oak was a totally kick-ass woman. She is tough, has excellent combat skills and, thanks to her red drafting, has a passionate personality. Pretty much everyone in this story has transformed over time but her character stands out. She went from a Blackguard to being the White, one of the most politically powerful people alive. She handles her responsibilities as the White with excellence and thinks out every move that she makes, showing her to be a woman of wonderful intelligence and competence. In The Broken Eye, Karris’s character began to make this transition. The changes that she has undergone were done in a night. Nonetheless, it is still impressive that Weeks was able to make such drastic changes in a character in a way that absolutely makes sense.

Dani’s 2¢

This book took a lot of what we thought we knew about these characters and this world and turned it on its head. So much was revealed and I loved every second of it.

This is one of those books that I fought for just 5 more minutes to be able to read.

There are so many different sides to this story and so many different things going on that I spent the past two books being a little big confused. The Blood Mirror brought it all together and made all of the confusion make sense. There are still lots of questions but all of the characters are now poised for the finale and I absolutely cannot wait.

I always wondered about the title of the first book, The Black Prism. While The Blinding Knife and The Broken Eye are things within the story that play a pivotal role, a Black Prism was never brought up. With book 4, we finally understand what a Black Prism is and it is one of those twists that I could gush about forever (proof: see this week’s podcast). But now I have another question. What is the Blood Mirror?


10-new favorite

Greg’s Thoughts

In a series that I already am not a fan of, I struggled to get through this one. I am biased because of my feelings about the rest of the series. Most of the characters are annoying or confusing, have wife troubles, or literally living out his worst nightmare. From our podcast, Dani brought up a lot of good points in favor of this book, but in the end it is a series I don’t care for. I will be trying to find the negatives in these series. This should be interesting.

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