Six of Crows

23437156Author: Leigh Bardugo
Category: YA, Fantasy
Pages: 462
Publication Date: September 29th, 2015

After taking a several month-long hiatus from YA books, this was actually a great one to come back in to. We actually did not realize that this is sort of a spin-off series from another trilogy but those are going to be showing up on our “Coming Soon” list shortly.

Six of Crows was a little hard to get into until around the 1/3rd mark. After that the story really picks up and doesn’t stop until the end.

The heist part of the book was really well written, the plot twists and improvisations by the characters were really well done. It was a tad predictable, not entirely though, but it was well written enough that it still was engaging.

The main character, Kaz, is different from a lot of main characters, YA or otherwise. He comes across as a bad boy character…because he is. This is not a case of a tough exterior to hide a mushy-gooey interior. He has feelings and is not completely heartless but it’s not just a persona. He has few qualms about making tough moral decisions. Because of this, it can be a little hard to get behind him and root for him. Had he been the main focus of the story this could have been a huge drawback. Thankfully, there were 5 other points of view that we are jumping between and the other characters are more relatable.

The two main female characters, Inej and Nina, kind of smell a little bit like cliché YA heroines. They have something of a “special snowflake” syndrome that is reminiscent of every YA fantasy book pretty much ever. However, the struggles they go through individually and as members of a team set them apart from many other heroines. Nina in particular. The struggles and persecution that Nina went through feel real, especially considering that her people are hunted by what are pretty much the equivalent of German Nazis.

There are two love stories contained in this one book and they are…eh. On one hand, it is really easy to get into these love stories and start rooting for these crazy kids to hurry up and get together. On the other hand, these guys were pretty much jerks to these girls. Kaz was not any worse to Inej than he was to anyone else but still not exactly nice to her. Their story kind of stood in the shadows of Nina and Matthias’s though… Matthias is a druskelle (the Nazi-like people) whose sole job it is to hunt down Grisha (people with various magical abilities), which Nina is one. Their relationship and the twists and turns that their story takes is one of the highlights of the book.

Dani’s 2¢

I have been looking forward to reading this book for some time and was happy that it lived up to expectations. I took a hiatus from YA books because of the usual tropes and lack of complexity in many of the stories and characters. This was a wonderful book to come back to because it was notably lacking in these things.

I have a little bit of a problem with the romances. Reason being that, as mentioned, these guys do not start out being very good to Inej and Nina, respectively. Like I said, I did end up getting in to the characters and their affection for one another. But that is kind of the problem. I worry that these sorts of stories perpetuate the “bad guy turning good for the right girl” kind of thing that a lot of young girls, once upon a time myself included, fall for and end up getting into bad situations because they have these stories in their head that tells them that everything will be fine regardless of how this guy is acting now.

I know, I’m probably getting way to much into the story. And it does make for an exciting read. So much so that I have to give it a high rating and be very happy that the second book is already out and that there is another series to read.


8-really liked it

Greg’s Thoughts

This heist book was enjoyable. The characters were fun’ the setting was intresting, and the story wasn’t the worst.

I love how this world is set up. It makes me question what time period it is suppose to be in, but that is not a negative. This is a world all to itself and isn’t defined by one time period. Looking back, it is well done and gives the setting it’s own feel.

Besides some seemingly useless characters, most of the main characters had good back stories.

Kaz and Inej had a interesting relationship. He is her ruthless boss and she is his best thief. Kaz isn’t a bad guy but it feels hard to get behind and root for him. His motivations for most of the book are for money or power. He has no problems manipulating people to get what he wants. So the spark that Inej has for him confuses me a little bit but maybe it will be better in the next book.

I enjoyed the book and am looking forward to more from this amazing author.


7-liked it

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