As I am sure several people have noticed there have been a few changes to our site!

First, our name has changed. The Fantasy Nerds has been changed to Book Geeks Uncompromised. We liked the name Fantasy Nerds but the more we got into reviewing and getting more into the book review community, we felt like we needing a re-branding before we got so deep into what we have planned that it would just become more difficult as time passed by.

And that brings us to our other change. With our most recent review of Six of Crows there is a media bar at the bottom of the review.

We are incredibly pleased and excited to announce that the re-branding of The Fantasy Nerds to Book Geeks Uncompromised comes with a new podcast!

These podcasts will be weekly, hosted by myself and Greg, and will feature one of the two books that Book Geeks Unc. reads each week as well as a discussion of any bookish things going on in the world.

While we are committed to keeping the website reviews 100% spoiler free, the podcast will not be so. Each podcast may contain spoilers for that week’s book to be discussed but the review will be in the final portion of each episode so feel free to come join the discussion in the rest of the episode. A warning will be given in each episode before the book discussion begins so there is no fear of accidentally stumbling onto a spoiler (we know how much that sucks).

We are entirely new to podcasting so there may be some hiccups in the audio editing as we get used to it. Constructive criticism is always welcome as we work to get on our feet with this. It has been a blast trying to learn the ins and outs of audio hardware and software and we look forward to where this will take us.

As of right now, we are working to get the podcast set up within the iTunes store (it will be free to listen to) but in the meantime it can be subscribed to through this link or it can be listened to on the webpage for that book’s review.

Please drop us a line with any suggestions or comments!


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