The Daylight War (The Demon Cycle #3)

9268487Author: Peter V. Brett
Category: High Fantasy
Pages: 639
Publication Date: February 12th, 2013

The nightly battle against the demons of the Core continues in The Daylight War. With the appearance of the more intelligent mind demons and their mimics from the last book, humanity now prepares for the new moon when the powerful Princes will return again with their hordes rising in full force. It appears this book picks up right where the last one left off, or at least very close to it.

Much of The Daylight War was a retelling of the first third of The Desert Spear, except we are taken through the events from another point of view — Inevera’s. This is “her” book, just like the previous one was Jardir’s. We see her rise from a basket weaver’s daughter to become the most powerful priestess in Krasia and the wife of the Shar’Dama Ka. This made for a nice recap for those of who have forgotten the finer details from the previous books but if that section from The Desert Spear is still fresh on your mind, like it was for us, the first half of this book might feel slow and never ending.

The last 25% or so of the novel is where the plot really took off, culminating into the climax and the final showdown during the new moon. After this point, the action is not-stop. We get not one but two accounts of the events, one in Deliverer’s Hollow and the other in Everam’s Bounty, since the both Jardir’s and Arlen’s stories are happening concurrently. Does this make up for how slow the rest of the book is? In some ways, yes. It is reminiscent of what we liked about the previous books. In other ways, it is annoying to drudge through slow moments just to be excited for the last bit. Who gets excited to read half of a good story?

The choice between building the characters and less action may have had to happen in this book. There are two more books left in this series and while we have had some great development, there has to be a point where the action stops and the characters have tamer moments. Then, when the action comes again it can soar to new heights and not get stale for the reader. Hopefully this means that the next books in the series will be better and this is the one small low moment.

Greg’s Thoughts

There is not much to say for me on this one. I love the writing style and the characters are well done. This book just seems to focus on the development so I missed the action and adventure. Not my favorite in the series but none the less, especially with an ending like this one, I am excited for the rest of the series.


6-it was good

Dani’s 2ยข

So I like Inevera. A lot. She is a conniving, manipulative bitch and I love her. I was glad to spend more time with her in this book and see things from her perspective. However, I think that the amount of space her backstory took up in this book was disproportionate the impact her backstory has on the story as a whole. Nothing really new and relevant was added to the story from these flashbacks other than Inevera is now a character that we know a little bit better.

While reading/listening to this book I felt like it was dragging because of the lack of action until the end. Looking back though, I am increasingly happy with this series.

I like the direction that Leesha’s story is taking. She kind of started out a goody-two shoes kind of character and now her character has developed to begin having to make interesting choices. Kind of the same with Rojer. To me, he started out as a forgettable character but he has grown into his own too while keeping a lot of the charm that I initially liked about him and I love his relationship with Jardir’s daughters.

Basically, this series keeps getting better and better for me. I am very excited to read the 4th book but not so excited to wait for the 5th book to be released!


8-really liked it

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