The Emperor’s Blades (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne #1)

17910124Author: Brian Staveley
Category: Fantasy
Pages: 480
Publication Date: January 14th, 2014

The circle is closing. The stakes are high. And old truths will live again . . .

The Emperor has been murdered, leaving the Annurian Empire in turmoil. Now his progeny must bury their grief and prepare to unmask a conspiracy.

His son Valyn, training for the empire’s deadliest fighting force, hears the news an ocean away. He expected a challenge, but after several ‘accidents’ and a dying soldier’s warning, he realizes his life is also in danger. Yet before Valyn can take action, he must survive the mercenaries’ brutal final initiation.

Meanwhile, the Emperor’s daughter, Minister Adare, hunts her father’s murderer in the capital itself. Court politics can be fatal, but she needs justice. And Kaden, heir to an empire, studies in a remote monastery. Here, the Blank God’s disciples teach their harsh ways – which Kaden must master to unlock their ancient powers. When an imperial delegation arrives, he’s learnt enough to perceive evil intent. But will this keep him alive, as long-hidden powers make their move?

Dani’s 2¢

For some reason I keep wanting to compare this book to a TV show that is only “so-so.” There was nothing specifically wrong with it, just also nothing that particularly stands out. It was fine to experience in a passive sort of way but not finishing it did not lead to me to feel like I had really missed out on anything.

Honestly, it has been almost a week since I read it and I can barely remember anything about it beyond the what the synopsis says.

The writing was okay and the characters were okay but I could find it in me to care about the conspiracies surrounding them or the mystery as to who killed the emperor.

I think I could be persuaded into giving it a shot again one day because I feel somewhat like I did not give this book enough of a chance, I DNF’d at around 50%. I think part of this is because I did listen to this on audio book rather than reading it. This may have contributed to my apathy. The audio book also did not stand out so perhaps reading this is a much better experience than listening.



Greg’s Thoughts

Honestly I did not finish this book, DNF around 15%. It wasn’t because I ran out of time. It was because the book did not excite me in any way. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s just that nothing grabbed me. The plot felt rehashed, characters felt old and used, and the setting was just there. Take my review with a grain of salt because I didn’t finish.



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