The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus #1)

7736182Author: Rick Riordan
Category: YA, Adventure
Pages: 557
Publication Date: October 12th, 2010
Continuing the story of Percy Jackson and the Half Blood Camp is The Lost Hero, a story that hints at bringing together Roman mythology with the Greek that was the focus of the original series. This installment takes place from the perspective of three new characters: Jason, Piper, and Leo.

The book opens to Jason waking up on a bus with his apparent friends with no memory of his life or surroundings. After being attacked by wind spirits they end up at Half Blood Camp and hear news that a camper named Percy Jackson has gone missing.

This book seems to follow a lot of the formula of the previous series which is somewhat disappointing. First is an attack on the main character(s) by strange creatures followed by a flight and arrival at Half Blood Camp. Some time is then spent explaining what Half Blood Camp is and then discovering who is the godly parent of the main character(s). The main group consists of a boy whose divine parent is one of the Big Three, a girl who is his love interest, and a third-wheel male character. They engage in a quest that spans the entirety of the United States falling into one fight or another with mythological creatures along the way.

Not a whole lot is said in this book about how Roman mythology works combined with the Greek mythology. It is understood that the Roman versions of the gods were more warlike, not evil really just harder, and it is made clear that they are the same gods just with slightly different personalities. This is where it gets confusing because it is not made very clear why or what causes a god/goddess to switch between “aspects.”

One good thing to say about it is that the character Leo is very well done. He is a mechanical genius and brought a lot of comic relief to the story.

Greg’s Thoughts

I am extremely biased on this book because I have loved this series for ever! I grew up on Riordan and his works.

The Lost Hero picks up where the last books left off. Reading through this again’ I realize that there is a slightly stale formula that plagued the first books. The heros have a quest, they travel for said quest meeting heros and villians along the way, and they fight a big bad to save the day. This isn’t a terrible formula but after 5 books of it, there can be some de ja vu.

I know nothing about Roman mythology and while it is not dived into as much here; in the coming books we see alot more of this new world.

Leo is the best…ever! He is funny, he can be quick witted, and has the kindest heart out of anyone in this series.

The stale plot formula is unfortunately bad enough that it knocks it down a few notches. But the series just gets better as you go. So if you loved the last Percy Jackson series’ then you will love this next adventure!


8-really liked it

Dani’s 2¢

I feel kind of the same about this book as I felt about the Percy Jackson series. It is interesting to see the translation of ancient mythologies to a modern setting. I am interested to see how the Roman aspect of the gods plays out even thought it was not especially well presented in this story. Perhaps for a younger reader that is not quite so critical or that doesn’t over-think stories like I do would probably enjoy it a lot more than I did.


6-it was good

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