KoKo Takes a Holiday

18490895Author: Kieran Shea
Category: Science Fiction
Pages: 335
Publication Date: June 10th, 2014
KoKo Takes a Holiday is about a mercenary who leaves behind her life of blood-splattering mercenary work for a low-key life as a brothel owner, on a man-made resort, where people blow crap up for a good-time. Her serene life of lounging is rudely interrupted when she is attacked and a bounty put on her head. The ensuing tale is one of a cyberpunk, fantasy induced thrill ride.

The characters are a huge highlight. From the evil psycho ex-friend that tries to kill her, to the depressed ex-cop that plans to kill himself due to illness. They are all unique and there is never a dull moment learning more about them. You even get some backstory to one of the mercenaries that are hunting KoKo. It is a little strange because this characters is a small side character but it gives a little more into the background of this exciting new universe.

The writing is fun, exciting, and even gruesome at times. The author gets pretty descriptive into people being blow up, disintegrated, and even shot so bad that their body splits in half! While it can be gross at times, it fits to this crazy, violence filled world so well. It doesn’t feel over the top just for the sake of it. There is a purpose and just adds to the overall excitement and fun.

This great sci-fi story is engaging and crazy fun all rolled into one. There is a lot about self discovery that shows that even when the crap hits the fan, just be like KoKo and shoot your way out. Because there is always a way out. Check out this book especially if your a fan of graphic novels.

Greg’s Thoughts

This book was such a fun time! The action was fun, the characters were fun. There was just no end to the excitement. With all our reviews I try to pulls something out negitive about each book just for fairness sake. With KoKo, the only thing I could say was I wish it was longer so I could have more. I am looking forward to reading more if there are.


10-new favorite

Dani’s 2ยข

I thought this book was alright. It was a fun read and I was never bored but I never felt that it was anything to write home about either. Definitely a quick, light read with a story that keeps moving and characters it is easy to connect with.


7-liked it

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