The War Against the Assholes

21421057Author: Sam Munson
Category: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 261
Publication Date: June 16th, 2015
In The War Against the Assholes the sentences didn’t make sense. There were too many random changes of scenery without any real explanation, at least at first. This can be jarring for starting off on a new novel. You gotta give your audience time to understand the world before you confuse them. It was difficult looking past the jarring opening, and to try and see the story underneath.

The actual plot was kinda interesting. This story follows a high school student who begins to acquire supernatural powers after being introduced to a book called The Calendar of Sleights by a strange classmate. He is then pulled into a long-running war among rival factions of magicians. Actual magic tricks being used to defeat people!? Magic mirrors that capture people!? Lots and lots of card tricks? Hell yea! Lets do this! The “magic” system (which is not well explained) is awesome and exciting. The biggest thing that is holding this book back is the confusing and terrible writing.

Greg’s Thoughts

To be honest it was hard to read through this book. I had been excited for this one for a long time and it hurts how close it got to being good. Maybe this story in the hands of a more experienced writer would have been better. Or the Author’s editor should have given him better notes on what to fix. Either way wherever the fault lies, this one was close but no cigar for me.


2-donate it

Dani’s 2¢

“The way it was written annoyed me.”

There you have it: a direct quote from the book that summed up what I thought about it. I honestly did not get very far in this book due to it annoying me just so much. The sentences are short. Stunted like this. Can’t have more than 7 words per sentence. No way, Jose. And then the dialogue! Multiple people conversing but it all presented as one paragraph rather than paragraph breaks for when each person starts talking. I really can’t figure out what the purpose of this was.


1-burn it

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