The Broken Eye (Lightbringer #3)

12652457Author: Brent Weeks
Category: Epic Fantasy
Pages: 688
Publication Date: August 26th, 2014
In the third installment of Lightbringer, Gavin has disappeared after the Battle of Ru and while he has not officially been presumed dead those closest to him struggle to find their role at the Chromeria without him.

Having earned a place as a Blackguard inductee, Kip continues training and playing Nine Kings with his grandfather, Andross Guile, but without the knowledge that if things go wrong Gavin could at any time swoop in and save him. Because Karris married Gavin she can no longer serve as a Blackguard so the White begins assigning her other work for which Karris is not sure she is up to the task.

It seems that Brent Weeks heard his readers feelings regarding Liv because she had a MUCH lower page count in this installment. She also was significantly less snooty and easier to read.

Kip continues to be an interesting character. He is not quite as self-deprecating as he was in The Black Prism though he still thinks little of himself at times. But he is learning how to use his wit and intelligence in ways other than to simply shock people with his audacity. It seems that if any character gets a lot of attention from this author, it is Kip. He easily has the most defined character growth so far.

The mysteries of the series are slow to unfold and in this book it kind of starts to become apparent that these books don’t really need to be as long as they are. For as little that ends up actually happening in this book, it feels like it takes ages to get there.

Dani’s 2¢

Weeks’ writing continues to get more refined the more he writes.

I like that  Weeks seems to be comfortable in toying with his reader’s emotions. For example, Kip and Teia have a great friendship and there are many not-at-all subtle hints that it could be more than that. Then weeks pulls something out nowhere that blows that all to hell. And it makes sense. Everything a character does in these books makes sense, their motive and logic are well-founded and I think it speaks to Weeks’ abilities that he is able to make things make sense while still pulling at heartstrings.

I think I have said before that I remember liking the first book the best and I am figuring out why. The Black Prism moves along much faster than The Blinding Knife and The Broken Eye. Things unfold at such a slow pace and the plot gets so complex that it can be difficult to keep track of what happens and what theories there may be for as yet unsolved mysteries.

This seems like a low rating but the slow speed of the book is kind of what is bringing it down for me even though I really do like it and I want to see where everything is going.


6-it was good

Greg’s Thoughts:

I am not sure what it is about this series that just does NOT grab me, but I have tried reading through these books and I just don’t feel that connection that I have with other novels. The characters are all fine and the world building isn’t bad either. The magic system, while slightly confusing at the beginning, makes sense and is fun to experience in the fights. I don’t hate the bad guys, Andross Guile being my favorite here.

All of the reasons above show that I should be enjoying the series but I find my self getting bored and uninterested really quickly. In reality, I will finish this series but I can only hope that whatever isn’t sitting right changes. Maybe once the series is finished, I can pinpoint what it is.



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