Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

At first my initial blog post/review for this book was just going to be “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” with maybe a few “sqqquuuuuueeeeee!”s thrown in there for fun. I have managed to calm down enough to write a few coherent sentences thankfully.

I was 17 when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released and J.K. Rowling had announced that she would not be writing any more Harry Potter installments. It has been so long that I it actually took me a while to warm up to being excited for this book.

Having now read it, I am all over again supremely disappointed that there will supposedly be nothing more in the Harry Potter universe.

The feels I got from Albus Severus’s Sorting, his friendships, his rivalries, his and Harry’s difficult relationship! Oh how the feels ran rampant! I don’t “squee!” much but I think I may have a few times while reading this. The fangirl in me came out a lot.

I loved all of the “what might have beens” and the trips back to GoF. The whole thing was brilliantly conceived and executed.

At the midnight release at Barnes and Noble, there was a trivia game set up and while participating I wondered why so many of the questions seemed to center around that book. Now I know!

The only thing that I found somewhat disappointing what the trivial role that Ron played in this story. In the original series his role was the friend that grew up in the wizarding world, that had the everyday know-how of things. That role was not necessary here as Harry and the audience now have an understanding of the wizarding world and he felt like a third wheel (well probably more like an eleventh wheel but still).

With this book my love for Harry Potter has been rekindled and I have a feeling I will end up burying myself in fanfiction just to keep the story going a little bit longer.

Rating (as if it could be anything else):

10-new favorite

Here are some pictures from the midnight release as well!

At long last, I finally got my Hogwarts letter! Only 16 years too late….

Naturally my next step was to board the train at Platform 9 3/4!

Some pets other students took (my husband would not go near the snakes) so I had to make the adventure alone).

And then we made some friends while doing a puzzle waiting for the countdown to midnight!

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