26114433Author: Malka Older
Category: Science FictionThriller
Pages: 380
Publication Date: June 7th, 2016

Futurists worlds where geographic lines basically cease to exist almost seem to be a thing this year. It is a really interesting concept and I am enjoying reading the ideas even if this particular book didn’t do much for me.

In Infomocracy, all but a handful of countries have ceased to exist. In their stead are the centenals, neighborhoods of 100,000 people that can vote on their own government regardless of what neighboring centenels may vote for. The government that controls the most centenals is the Supermajority.

The book follows the events leading up the third election under the centenal system. The government Heritage won the election in the first and second elections and if they win again there are hints of it becoming a ruling government. Meanwhile there are hints that another government that is gunning for the Supermajority may violently bring down the democracy that has been carefully been built if granted enough power.

This book hit the ground running and really did not stop. Not even for things like character development. I don’t want to say that the main characters were cardboard cutouts because they really weren’t. What they were were shells. They basically were names on a page to follow. I don’t know anything about Mishina or Ken or Suzuki other than what was immediately important to a story. I never felt like they were well established as characters.

Also, Mishima’s mistrust of Ken bothered me big time. Half the time when something would happen she would jump to assume that he was spying on her or that he caused it regardless of there being no evidence that he had anything to do with any of it. I’m kind of surprised she didn’t blame the earthquake on him.

Most of the characters honestly seem kind of useless. Yoriko had an interesting storyline that fell apart before it really began. Domaine was just…there. He existed pretty much only show to the readers that there was a faction of people against democracy and election. But that faction did absolutely nothing so his character was pretty useless apart from one scene where he gave Mishima some information that in itself did not really tell her anything she did not already know.

As for the actually story…I don’t know, the synopsis sounds so much cooler than anything that actually happens. There is a seemingly infinite number of governments. Some governments only have one centenal and like it that way. But there are a lot of times it felt like names of governments were just pulled out of a hat that didn’t serve any purpose. Same goes for the person(s) that were behind the BIG thing that happens during election day. There is all this mystery without many understandable clues and then the characters just go “oh yeah it’s him/them” and I didn’t feel like I ever got a satisfactory explanation for why they did what they did.

I guess mostly I feel like there was no point to this book.



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