The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson #5)

4556058Author: Rick Riordan
Category: YAAdventure
Pages: 381
Publication Date: May 5th, 2009

The final battle begins as Percy and gang prepare to defend Olympus against Kronos’ army. Everything has led up to this. One thing Percy must deal with is Luke. If he faces him, can he stop him? Will this one camp of demigods be able to hold back wave after wave of enemy?

The Last Olympian is what the whole series has been building up to. Most of the book, unlike its predecessors, mostly takes place in downtown Manhattan. It is a little weird since every book before has had some grand adventure where they cross the country in one way or another. This is not really a bad thing, it is just different from what the series has done and that is a big risk for your final book. Riordan succeeds in the entertainment but you are sticking with one battle for most of the book so it can drag just a little bit. Riordan fixes this by doing what we liked from Titan’s Curse (Percy Jackson #3). There are characters in peril and some don’t make it. This adds much needed drama to those parts.

Since we don’t travel, Percy plays general of an army for it. While he isn’t a bad leader the role of leader of an entire army doesn’t really fit him. He is the leader of quests but a whole army? He is a lot more of a free spirit. Maybe its just me but I feel he is more suited elsewhere.

All in all this book is a decent ending to one of my favorite childhood books. That being said this series is meant for middle school age (which was how old I was when I first read this). The characters can be cheesy and predictable at times, but they are also lovable and easily relatable. The bad guys are all pretty forgettable, but it is really interesting to see them brought into the 21st century light. I am a personal fan of Greek mythology and I cant even begin to tell you how fun the 2nd series, Heroes of Olympus, is going to be to review. If you like Greek mythology, I recommend this series whole hardheartedly.


8-really liked it

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