Author: Martin Leicht, Isla Neal
Category: Science FictionHumor
Pages: 388
Publication Date: July 10th, 2012

Teen Mom… IN SPACE! Mothership is a story about 16 year old Elvie who becomes pregnant and is off to a boarding school for expecting mothers. Sounds like an emotional, chick lit kind of book right? She has to face her feeling about being a teen mom, fighting with other students and learning some huge important lessen? NOPE! The boarding school is in space and the guy that got her pregnant (he left her after he found out she was expecting) shows up as well along with the revelation that there are aliens at the school!

When you read the description for this book it seems like a humorous, generally silly, but entertaining read. Overall this book is very goofy, but weirdly enough there are small parts that get pretty dark and they stick out in a bad way. There are two authors and you can kind of tell as some parts are really jarring going from pregnant jokes and fun pop culture references to death and dark moments. The story would probably have been a lot better if it stuck to the light and fun stuff and left out the serious stuff entirely.

The characters are not all bad. Elvie is kind of a cool MC. She is intelligent and pretty down to earth, and a genius with mechanics and computers. Her biggest negative is that her character did not grow at all. She stayed the same and just seem be there ready to crack a joke. Cole is sort of your generic cool guy that has some secrets. Seeing as he abandoned Elvie as soon as she told him that she is pregnant it is easy to dislike him in the beginning but he does get a little better as the story goes on. There is also the typical cheerleader jerks that poke fun of the main character, even when they are in dangerous situations. The bad guys are kind of not even worth mentioning.

Greg’s Thoughts

This book is on the fence for me. I loved Elvie and Ducky. Their friendship was fun and enjoyable! Makes me want a friend like Ducky! I loved the pop culture references and the moments that were fun. But the story feels like it borrows from other popular book and shows that I don’t feel much originality to it. Like we said in the review, the dark moments really throw it off and feel out of place.



Dani’s 2¢

I knew going into this that it was not going to be a new favorite. All that I really wanted was to get a few laughs out of it. Unfortunately, I found this book to be pretty un-funny. It was silly for sure and ridiculous in what was supposed to be a funny way at times but all of it just fell flat for me.



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