Dorothy Must Die

dorothy must die

Author: Danielle Page
Category: YAAdventure
Pages: 452









This book is going to be one of those guilty pleasure sort of things for me. I really can’t justify how much I enjoyed this book.

Amy Gumm is the other girl from Kansas that is swept up by a tornado along with her mom’s pet rat and their trailer home and dumped in Oz. She makes a deal with the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked to get out of a very tight spot and begins training to go up against Dorothy.

Be prepared for a lot of reminders that Amy Gumm should not trust anyone. Every other page, someone was telling Amy that they were not to be trusted. No one is. But here, go do this stuff that we tell you. Don’t trust me! But here let me teach you magic and combat. WHY ARE YOU TRUSTING ME?! Go undercover in the most dangerous way possible. Remember, don’t trust anyone, not even me! This goes on pretty much for the entire book.

There were a couple of small details that I did like about this story. For instance, the twisting of the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Lion. The Scarecrow has become a sort of mad scientist; the Cowardly Lion consumes people’s fear. It’s actually pretty cool. Dorothy on the other hand is basically a bratty version of Umbridge.

My largest gripe is that Danielle Paige has some practice to do when it comes to description, particularly people. Amy had a tendency to just “somehow” know everything about someone, and it came across as very lazy writing. Example from page 111:

“She looked impossibly old, her face one big wrinkle with eyes that were coal black and seemed to go on forever. When I looked into them I somehow knew in one glance that she was as old as Oz itself.”

Or this one…

”Invisible hands grasped me from somewhere deep below the water, holding me in place. Somehow, I knew that all of them belonged to Gert.”

I was happy that she made some effort to actually keep those in the Revolution of the Wicked….well, wicked. In giving them character, they were humanized of course and I did develop a bond with them but for the most part, you could still see some evil in them.

Overall, really cool concept, not so cool execution.



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