Green Rider

green rider

Author: Kristen Britain
Category: Fantasy
Pages: 471









You know that dream where you are trying to find someone/something or accomplish something but every time you try something happens? You have to run away from something, have to go around something else, someone stops you or distracts you. All the while you are getting more and more frustrated because the thing you are trying to get to is very important, each passing second increases your sense of urgency, but shit just won’t stop happening that gets in the way! That basically sums up my feelings of the first 250 pages of Green Rider.

Karigan G’ladheon runs away from school and shortly encounters a dying messenger, a Green Rider. She promises to complete his mission of delivering a letter to King Zachary. The mission proves much more deadly than one would think a messenger generally deals with. Apparently no one got the memo “don’t shoot the messenger.”

The travelling part of the book, as mentioned above, felt like it went on forever. Many things waylaid Karigan on her journey and I started to roll my eyes when something else would happen to hold her up. Even that though, we got some solid world-building, enough that I felt like I understood the world pretty well by the time it was over. Once the message was delivered and the story started to actually unfold, it was a much more enjoyable story if more than a tad predictable. Hinting at the king, who is described as 14 to 15 years older than the main character, as a love interest was an interesting choice but not one that I object to. He was a good, solid character and not sleazy about it at all so I’m willing to give it a shot.

I have not yet read the other books for this series but if this first one is anything to go by, Kristen Britain will not be breaking any new ground with her writing. That does not stop it from being a perfectly good fix for fantasy-lovers as they await the next big thing to come along.


6-it was good

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