Captain’s Fury

captain's fury
Author: Jim Butcher
Pages: 451

Captain’s Fury seems to be another build-up book. Tavi is no longer young and is finally coming into his own. The potentially-world-ending antagonist is set up by the end of this book. Tavi learns about his parentage and reacts about how you would at finding out you’d been lied to your whole life.

While Amara and Bernard’s part of the stories have never been the most exciting, this one really dragged on. As always, there was a point to their story and there was quite a big ending to it, it just went on and on and on.

Oh and we get to meet Senator Arnos, the Umbridge of Alera. Anyone with a lick of sense will hate his guts in the same way you hate her.

Dani’s 2¢

There is a not a whole lot to say about this book. Most of the good things that can be said about the writing and characters has already been said and this one does not add anything new to that. The same awesome people are a part of the story, the same wit, the same great stories. This book does represent a turning point in the series though because sh*t is about to hit the fan in a very serious way.


8-really liked it

Greg’s Thoughts

Ditto to what she said! See ya next time on Fantasy Nerds! Wednesdays 7/8C on the CW.


8-really liked it

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