Heir to the Shadows

heir to the shadows
Author: Anne Bishop
Category: Dark Fantasy
Pages: 482

Mother Night…

So, instructions for reading this book: rip it half. The second half of it could arguably be called “Heir to the Shadows.” Just read that section. The first half, name “Diary of a Pissy Baby aka Saetan.” That part you can burn.

In case you are wondering what happens in that part, I’ll sum up.

1. Saetan fawns over Jaenelle.
2. Saetan finds a tutor for Jaenelle.
3. Saetan plans a shopping trip for Jaenelle.
4: Saetan plans a party for Jaenelle.
5. Saetan pays for drawing lessons for Jaenelle and has an unnecessarily long, pointless discussion about demon art.
6. Saetan wonders over all the woodland creatures that flock to Jaenelle. (Seriously, is this a fucking Disney princess story?)

That’s it. That’s the first half. You’re welcome.

There are honestly, three main issues with this book. We’ve already talked about Saetan I think so we can skip that. Count it as numero uno.

Number two, there was no main story arc. The story just bounced from one unconnected point to another and none of them really mattered. Imagine reading a collections of fanfiction short stories. That’s basically what there was. There was no overall conflict until maybe the last bit of the book. Hekatah was off plotting but she is so incredibly inept as a villain, that it does not actually count.

Finally, Jaenelle has no point of view chapters. In the first book, this worked out all right because she was not a very active character to that story so it served to add an air of mystery about her. In Heir to the Shadows she does play a much more active role; she goes off and does stuff on her own, things happen from only her perspective that are fairly major to what little plot there is. Not seeing them, just hearing about them happening “off screen” or after the fact, took a lot away from the reader’s ability to immerse themselves.

Other than that, there was a ridiculous amount of repetition of phrases. If I ever have to hear the phrase “Mother Night” again, I will stab my own ears. Also used too frequently:
“May the darkness be merciful.”
“Jaenelle fluffed her hair.”
“Jaenelle said in her midnight voice….”
“Jaenelle’s sapphires…”
“Why do I want to have sex with Jaenelle?’

Okay, maybe that last isn’t actually said. But it is implied. Heavily. By Saetan. Did I mention how much I hate him?

Oh and you remember Daemon? That guy that was fairly important in Daughter of the Blood. Yeah, he’s crazy now so eff that guy. Maybe we will go save him someday. Oh is he conveniently easy to get to now? While Jaenelle is weak so it makes it more dramatic? Okay, I guess we will save him now. Halfway anyway. Fucker can do the legwork on his own.

Dani’s 2¢

I cannot handle another description about what position kitties and puppies are in to cuddle with Saetan at naptime. I just can’t. The first half of the book is told almost entirely from his point of view. When Lucivar comes in, it gets better, but I still think it goes without saying that I have zero interest in reading Queen of the Darkness. I read Kushiel’s Dart, which is comparable to The Black Jewels in that it is a dark fantasy with a lot of sex, a while back and never read the others because it just wasn’t my thing. Damn am I now missing Phedre!


2-donate it

Greg’s Thoughts

10/10 would read again…. haha just kidding.



2-donate it, almost a 1 but watching Dani freak out about Saetan has been more enjoyable than the book itself. So I have to give a little bit of credit.

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